Posted by: secondchancehumanesociety | January 1, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Merlin Makes the Blues Disappear

Do you remember where you were last year at the very beginning of a New Year?  I can tell you where I was not – and that was at an animal shelter.  But things happen and despite our best intentions life has a way of throwing us curve balls – good and bad.  But you can imagine that, if I were to make one, my New Year Resolution would have something to do with being adopted and never being homeless again…

Speaking of which, apparently it is a tradition of the Second Chance Humane Society Pet Column to always start the first pet column of the year with some resolutions.  So as this week’s columnist I feel it is my duty to break this tradition.  Resolutions are typically rather boring and unachievable – I mean – way to take the zing out of a new year by promising to do things you couldn’t do the year before?  Must be a human thing because you surely wouldn’t find a dog sitting around resolving to lose weight, finish a house project has been abandoned for months, or learn a new language. 

So my advice is to live like a dog and make resolutions that a dog would approve of:  enjoy everything you eat – regardless of its smell; only do things that make you happy; and learn one language – the universal language of love…what a year it would be if you did this!

If you need guidance in any of the above, simply come to the Second Chance Shelter where there is an endless supply of homeless furry experts on the subject of such things.  We are ready to devote our lives to teaching you, particularly of the language of love…we are experts.

My name is Banjo, because I am a mean banjo player and because when you meet me your heart will go “twang!” – one of the core words in the language of love.  If you adopt me you will learn so much more…

Happy 2011 All!!!

Call the Second C-hance Helpline at 626-2273 to report a lost pet, learn about adopting a homeless pet, or about the SCHS Spay/Neuter Financial Assistance, Volunteer & Foster Care, or other Programs.  Visit our shelter pets online:  Direct Pet Column questions to:  kelly@secondchancehumanesociety.orgPhoto by Real Life Photographs.

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