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New Year Resolutions


Guinness Is Guessing Your Resolutions

Guinness Is Guessing Your Resolutions

Wow – 2009!  I sure didn’t imagine finding myself at the Second Chance Humane Society Shelter for the New Year – but I also don’t plan on being here long.  Now that I have been chosen to pen the Pet Column I am sure my new forever family will see me and come for me.  As the distinguished author of the FIRST Pet Column of the New Year, I thought I would improve upon last year’s column on New Year Resolutions.  I thought those written last year by “Rusty Le Pouf” were rather weak, but she was just a silly kitten.

 I do agree with her in that most resolutions are typically forgotten shortly after they are derived because they tend to be dull and about “not” doing something rather than positive growth.  Resolving that “I will not eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast” only makes one crave chocolate chip cookies all day long.   So let’s resolve to make our resolutions positive and empowering!  Below are some ideas for all Pet Column readers: 

  1. Play, dance, sing, and enjoy just being with my pets every day.
  2. Cuddle, lounge, and eat yummy treats with my pets every day.
  3. Teach my pet a cool new trick that will bring us both fame and fortune.
  4. Teach my pet to sing to my favorite song.
  5. Remember every day how much my pets and I love each other.

 So, now that I have helped with your resolutions I will share mine…hmmm…last year the dogs wrote resolutions such as not eating the cat’s food, not rolling in stinky things, and the like.  But I believe a true resolution would be more like: I will embrace my imperfections and be fully ME every day.  There.  The reality is – it is through dogs just being dogs that we can most help our human companions  achieve your Resolutions – which really are to LIVE MORE FULLY.  I therefore resolve to be the teacher and guide to my new forever family  in this Art of Living.  Happy 2009 All!!!

Call the Second Chance Helpline at 626-2273 to report a lost pet, learn about adopting a homeless pet, or about  the SCHS Spay/Neuter Voucher , Volunteer & Foster Care, or other Programs.  Visit our shelter pets online:  Questions for next week’s column can be sent to:

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