Posted by: secondchancehumanesociety | November 26, 2008

More Election Wins for Animals

Remington - pure puppy

Remington - pure puppy

After Election Day the Second Chance Pet Column announced a huge win for animal rights with the passing of Proposition 2 in California which banned certain severely inhumane practices of raising farm animals.  Since this time we have learned of other big wins for animal humane legislation and supporters that have been racking up across the country too. 

A big win for Greyhound dogs in Massachusetts as greyhound racing was banned – despite the fact that active racing tracks existed in the state at the time that the ban passed.  Greyhound racing, similar to the horse racing industry, creates very harsh and inhumane conditions for the race animals involved.  Additionally, serious injuries occur regularly amongst racing dogs and this ban sends a clear message nation-wide that it is time for it to end.

In Arizona Proposition 105, aimed at preventing animal protection initiatives, was crushed in the voting booths as the residents of that state demonstrated that animal protection is important to the majority.  Proposition 105 would have mandated that any new ballot initiative would need a majority of all the registered voters in the state, whether they chose to show up at the polls or not.  Potential candidates do not even have to hold up to such nearly impossible criteria yet the proponents of this proposition were attempting to hold animal protection legislation to this.  They lost and animals won – 66% to 34%.  Great job Arizona!

Additionally, U.S. Legislators who support animal protection grew in number as well this election.  Of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives candidates that were endorsed by the Humane Society Legislative Fund, due to their positive stances on animal protection and rights, 248 out of 258 candidates were successfully elected.  The Obama/Biden ticket was also endorsed by the Humane society Legislative Group due to their alignment with the Humane Society of the United States views and historic backing of pro-animal legislation.  (Please note that Second Chance Humane Society, a non-partisan entity, did not endorse political candidates).

Second Chance Humane Society puts significant time and effort into prevention and education strategies with a goal of generating a greater respect and treatment of animals.  We believe that only through developing a deeper human-animal bond will the work of humane societies truly begin to gain ground.  When people understand that animals are beings with emotions, that they have an adversity to pain and inhumane living conditions we will see the demand for our services decrease.  As Ghandi believed, (and this is of course paraphrased) that “the measure of society is reflected by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members”, it appears as though our society is working toward measuring up.

As a newly rescued pup here at the Second Chance Shelter, I am grateful to all who strive for better treatment of animals.  Thanks for all that you do.

Wags, Remington

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