Posted by: secondchancehumanesociety | November 11, 2008

Great News!

Thom and Sampson the Model

Thom and Sampson the Model


Second Chance Humane Society has exciting news of three counts to share with all Pet Column readers!  Each represents a completely separate issue – one of local interest and two relative to recent election results that had an extremely positive and significant impact upon shelters and animals nationwide.  Read on for details…

On the local news front – a former Second Chance Humane Society dog has risen to fame via the channels of Eddie Bauer.  Sampson, a dashingly handsome Black Labrador was adopted almost an exact year ago by Thom Carnevale, a Telluride Town Council Member, during Second Chance’s mobile adoption at the KOTO Ski Swap in Telluride.  Little did Thom know that his adopted Second Chance dog would become a model for an American icon of fashionable rugged clothing manufacturing (“Where Adventure Meets Style”).

While out on an early AM walk in Telluride Sampson was spotted by an Eddie Bauer recruit who approached Thom with a request to “borrow his dog” for a week of photo shooting.  Thus, Sampson spent a week being spoiled, pampered, and photographed in various poses, apparel, and backgrounds.  He was featured on the cover of a special edition catalog and is splashed throughout the latest winter catalog and website, (click on “Pet Products” and scroll about the page and see gorgeously handsome Sampson pop up all over your screen). 

So, congrats to Sampson & Thom – you have forwarded the truth about adopting from a shelter where pets come in all forms – from full breeds to mutts – all waiting to be “discovered”!  (The Second Chance Mobile Mutts & Meows RV will again be present during this year’s KOTO Ski Swap on Saturday November 15th  – come meet your new fashion model…)

And we have other news related to adopting pets from a shelter.  A previous SCHS Pet Column disclosed Barack and Michele Obama’s promise to get a dog for their daughters after the elections and we asked you to join with us and others across the Nation in encouraging the Obama’s to rescue a shelter dog as their new family pet (and we even recommended of a Second Chance dog to the Obama’s). 

As a follow up to this event: the Obama’s listened and did commit to adopting their new family dog from a shelter!  Well, in President-Elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on Election Night, he assured us this promise was to be fulfilled.  We are awaiting their phone call…

 And the last, but most critical, news update regards the humane treatment of animals.  History was made in more than one way this past Election Day.  In California Proposition 2, the most ambitious ballot measure for animals ever undertaken, passed with an overwhelming majority.  As a result 20 million animals in California will soon be spared the worst abuses of factory farms, marking a pivotal moment in how our nation treats animals raised for food.

As Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of United States, shared in his blog: “giving farm animals a little extra room to stretch their limbs, to move like animals should, may be a small matter for us humans. But it’s a very big thing for a hen who would otherwise be confined with a half-dozen other birds in a cage about as big as a filing cabinet for her whole life. It’s a really big thing for a sow who would otherwise be stuck in a crate so small she couldn’t turn around. It’s a way big thing for a calf who would spend life chained inside a miserably tiny crate… Prop 2 will phase out those inexcusable confinement systems and usher in a new era. No state in the U.S. and no Agribusiness titan anywhere in the nation can overlook this mandate: people do not want their farm animals treated with wanton cruelty.”

Perhaps by the next round of elections we will have a chance to vote in similar progress for Colorado.  As a more humane treatment of animals begins to migrate throughout the nation we will all benefit and grow in respect for all living beings, and ourselves.

Call the Second Chance Helpline at 626-2273 to report a lost pet or learn about SCHS Spay/Neuter Vouchers, Volunteer & Foster Care and other Programs.  Visit to see our adoptable pets.  Responses to Pet Columns can be sent to


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