Posted by: secondchancehumanesociety | July 15, 2008

Obama Family Dog

Swag - First Dog of the USA

Swag - First Dog of the USA

Hi, my name is Swag and, with strong encouragement from the staff and homeless dogs here at the Second Chance Humane Society Shelter, I am running for First Dog of the United States of America. My competition is fierce ever since Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle announced that they have promised to get their family a dog once the presidential campaign ends – win or lose.

Since this story has leaked into the public there have been numerous dogs and animal organizations volunteering to help the Obama’s pick the first dog of the family (and the First Dog of the Nation if Senator Obama were to win the election). The American Kennel Club (AKC) first jumped in by suggesting five types of purebred dogs that would fit the Obamas‘ lifestyle.

In response, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has begun a petition to help convince the Obama’s that rescuing a homeless dog would be the best way to send a positive message to a country which still euthanizes millions of homeless pest each year. I of course am encouraging everyone to sign this petition which can be found at:

The petition in support of adopting a homeless pet whether it be a purebred or a mutt, points that this action “would undoubtedly cause a ripple effect to the benefit of all homeless animals” and that “For a candidate focused on “hope” and “change,” adopting a homeless pet is the right choice”. It openly encourages, “Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, left-wing, right-wing or any other wing, please sign our petition”.

I have another concern about the AKC choosing a breed for the Obama’s first dog. Do you remember when Disney’s 101 Dalmatians re-make came to the screens – not the animated one but the real life one with all the cute Dalmatian puppies? And do you remember the resulting onslaught of demand for this breed which led to a huge increase of this breed ending up in shelters after people realized this dog was not right for them? Consider all the folks that don’t have an understanding of what dog parenting involves but want to get “the same dog that the Presidential Family has”? I am afraid that the AKC is not considering this fallout as they encourage the Obama’s to get a Wheaton Terrier or a Chinese Crested.

Thus, I have nominated myself in an effort to prevent the “copydog syndrome” which can be devastating to the “copied” breed and to shelters across the nation. (As you can see by my photo I am not of one particular breed nor am I going to be an easy dog to mimic- beyond: “Cute Mutt”).

And of course, I am not discouraging the average adopter from looking at breed characteristics when selecting a dog, but please note that adoption counselors at your nearby shelter are experienced in helping families match dogs of pure and/or mixed breed with the right family.

My other qualifications to fill the vacant “presidential pet” post include: child-friendly ; a good travel companion (aboard Air Force One); moderate energy level (appropriate for a child to walk), and of course a stable and social temperament – able to adapt to varied visitors – from heads of state to members of the press corps.

Since November is a long time to wait, I am open to being adopted by the qualified local family looking for a Presidential dog to bring hope and change into your very home.

Call the Second Chance Helpline at 626-2273 to report a lost pet or learn about SCHS Spay/Neuter Vouchers, Volunteer & Foster Care and other Programs. Visit to see our adoptable pets. Responses to Pet Columns can be sent to:



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