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Every Day is Tag Day – Benefits of Tagging your Pet

Isabella - Author of Week

Isabella - Author of Week

Hi my name is Isabella, the host of this week’s Pet Column promoting Every Day is Tag Day. I am a lively, social, gentle, purr machine and one of many pets at the Second Chance shelter who arrived without any identification and thus, without any way to be returned to my family.


I am not alone in this situation. An average of 8 to 12 million companion animals end up in shelters across the country each year. Sadly, only about 15 percent of those dogs and 2 percent of the cats are reunited with their owners. Cats are less likely to find their way home partly because they are less likely to be given tags by their owners.


Every Day is Tag Day, nationally recognized this year on April 5th and established by the American Humane Society, involves the common goal of educating pet owners about the benefits of tagging their companion animals.  This includes promoting the fact that even the most responsible pet owners can face unexpected circumstances that cause their animals to accidentally stray. This is especially true during the summer when windows and doors tend to be open.


Additionally, for pets who tend to “Houdini” out of their collars, and for added insurance, pet parents should consider providing their pets with a microchip. Microchips are tiny electronic capsules embedded under the pet’s skin (painless). When a pet is found, any agency with a scanner, including most animal care and control agencies, veterinary clinics and research labs, can quickly identify a code that links the animal to its owner through a database.


Because Second Chance believes so strongly in providing all pets with an identity source, microchipping is now being integrated into the adoption procedures here. Thus, all adoptable pets, such as myself, will be receiving a microchip here at the shelter. Adoption fees will be raised by a minimal amount to cover this added expense, while still maintaining very low adoption prices.


Regardless, if you choose to not microchip your pet(s), please make sure they have a tag on at all times that, at minimum, includes the pet parent’s telephone numbers (day and evening). Also, if you are traveling or moving, put a temporary tag on your pet with the contact information of someone who knows how to reach you. And please provide ID for your cat(s) even if you never let them outside. They can slip through an open door and easily become lost in the neighborhood.


Remember, with any ID method, it is imperative to keep your information up to date. A lost dog came to the shelter awhile ago with an ID tag listing a disconnected phone number in Kentucky, not very helpful…


As for me, I am looking for a new family who would love an energetic, affectionate, good natured young cat in their life. I adore attention and affection and play well without using my claws, thus I would be ideal for homes with children. Mostly I want a home where my parents take every precaution against me becoming lost again, and if I do get lost, they will make every effort to get me back home.


Call the Second Chance Helpline at 626-2273 to report a lost pet, learn about SCHS Spay/Neuter Vouchers, Volunteer & Foster Care and other Programs. Visit to see our adoptable pets. Responses to Pet Columns can be sent to:



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