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Maggie the Cat writes about Spay/Neuter financial assistance

Maggie says Spay/Neuter!

Maggie says Spay/Neuter!

Maggie the Majestic is my name, purring is my game. Hi, as the spokes-kitty for this week’s Pet Column I am happy to announce that Second Chance Humane Society has now made it easier than ever for everyone to be a responsible pet parent. Since 1997 the SCHS Spay/Neuter Financial Assistance Program has successfully helped hundreds of pet owners throughout San Miguel and Ouray Counties to afford spay and neuter procedures for their pet(s) by providing rebates or financial assistance.


SCHS is always looking for ways to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of this program and has developed a new system utilizing vouchers with increased rebate dollars that will be available to residents of both San Miguel and Ouray Counties.


Pet parents, that would otherwise be unable to afford this procedure for their pet, can now just simply contact SCHS prior to a pets spay/neuter appointment and receive a voucher documenting the amount to be reimbursed to the pet parent by SCHS.


The rebate amounts are fixed (no pun intended…), based on the varying costs that are dependent upon pet species and gender, according to the following schedule:


Cat Neuter – $45

Cat Spay – $55

Dog Neuter – $55

Dog Spay – $65


To receive a reimbursement, a pet parent only needs to return the voucher and a copy of the veterinarians invoice for the procedure to SCHS. Additionally, to further meet your needs, pet parents have a choice amongst six regional veterinarians that are participating in this voucher program:


Montrose Veterinary Clinic

Ouray County Veterinary Services

Ridgway Animal Hospital

San Juan Veterinary Clinic

San Miguel Veterinary Clinic

Telluride Veterinary Clinic


The Pet Column has discussed at great length in the past the benefits of spaying/neutering your pet. These benefits postively affect the entire range of your pets physical, behavioral, and emotional health, such as reducing a pet’s desire to roam (where they can be lost or injured), reducing the risk of ovarian or testicular cancers, decreasing aggressive behavior (particularly in males), and promoting longer and healthier lives of your pets. Spaying and neutering also typically eliminates or significantly decreases a pet’s tendency toward marking (urinating in/around the house and neighborhood to “mark” territory).


We have also written about how spaying and neutering saves lives and have provided facts to prove it: in a ten year period the number of euthanized pets dramatically dropped from over 17 million to under 4 million per year as a result of an organized and effective national spay/neuter educational campaign. That is still about 4 million too many so Second Chance strongly encourages you to spay/neuter your pets and to take advantage of our financial assistance if you need help in doing this.


As for me, like all of the orphans taken in by SCHS who are spayed/neutered prior to adoption, I am happy that I won’t be bringing any more pets to populate an overpopulated region. I see the kittens that are, like me, wanting to run freely about a loving home and not be confined in this shelter.


Being homeless is no life for any pet. Yet we are the lucky ones because we landed in a shelter that will take great care of us until we do find a forever home. And I am lucky because I know after looking at my lovely photo someone will be coming in to whisk me off to such a place…purrrrrrrr.


Call the Second Chance Helpline at 626-2273 to report a lost pet, learn about adopting a homeless pet, or about the SCHS Spay/Neuter Voucher Program, Volunteer & Foster Care, or other pet questions. For more information on SCHS, or to visit our shelter pets online, go to: Responses or question regarding a Pet Column can be sent to:





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